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Art has no limitations, I simply allow my brush to follow as my mind takes the lead

About me

Chantal St.Louis

Chantal is a London based artist specialising in portraiture. Through her portraits she is able to capture people at their best and at times even at their worst. Either way her paintings are a reflection of what is real, but how she sees it.

While Chantal has been sketching her whole life with no formal training, she decided to take her passion for art to the next level in 2013 and in March 2014 she had her first Exhibition. It was at this exhibition where she gained exposure and as she continues to paint daily, Chantal’s work is now collected by many, including football players Wilfred Zaha (of Manchester United FC) and Yannick Bolasie (of Crystal Palace FC) and Comedian/(Capital Xtra) Radio presenter, Kojo.

Working from photographs, Chantal says, “Paintings capture and portray something that photographs can’t. A photograph will reflect a person exactly as they were, in that exact moment. However, it is limited to just that, while there are no limitations to how a person is portrayed in a painting. A person’s emotions in a painting can be exaggerated or even tamed, through the use of colour and tones or even simply through a few spontaneous strokes of the brush”.

Chantal says, the reaction of her clients when they receive her artwork is priceless and is one of the many reasons her passion for art is ever growing. The feeling of freedom that comes with art is something that no other career could possibly provide because “… there are no rules and no guidelines. Art has no limitations, I simply allow my brush to follow as my mind takes the lead”.

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